EventCubes is a new sanitary system designed for all types of events. Combining elegant design with modern technology and a highly streamlined set up procedure it offers rental operators and event organizers a higher sanitation standard than ever before.

The challenge

The world is smaller than ever. People flock to popular festivals, concerts and celebrations around the world. Wherever crowds of people gather, reliable and hygienic sanitation facilities are essential. In the highly competitive festival market, demanding visitors pick and choose events that truly stand out and excellent sanitation facilities are becoming an increasingly important criterion.

In the unpredictable environment of an open sky, there are numerous factors than can negatively affect revenue. Under such circumstances shifting attention to factors that can be controlled is crucial. Even if the weather is shifting or the on-stage performances are poor, organizers are more likely to be judged by their ability to provide basic services such as robust sanitation facilities that perform flawlessly at all times.

The solution

EventCubes offer a unique lineup of high-class sanitation units for all types of events. Benefits include excellent user comfort, low water usage, drastic cuts in sewage volumes and less spreading of pathogens. Units rely on vacuum to transport sewage which removes the need for toilets to refill before flushing, greatly reduces the risk of clogging and puts less load on the local water supply network.

Units have a modular design and are connected via plug & play to a central pump station that distributes water supply, vacuum lines and power. This streamlines the setup procedure, offers greater flexibility and requires less service and maintenance. Rental companies can acquire a mix of different sanitation units and pump stations giving them the freedom to tailor their layout for each specific event.

EventCubes include high capacity toilets, luxury toilets, disabled toilets, urinals, hand basins and more. With the exception of stand-alone units, all units are connected to a central pump station that distributes water supply, vacuum lines and power. This means all service points, discharge stations and/or tanker truck pickup points can be located in a dedicated area outside the festival perimeter. It eliminates the need for pump-out trucks to maneuver through crowds, keeps visitors away from unwanted sights and ensures uninterrupted operation for the whole event.

Benefits overview

  • Excellent user comfort

    • An elegant design combined with premium building materials gives users a feeling of cleanliness and comfort.

    • The vacuum airflow vents away odors and reduces the risk of spreading airborne pathogens improving overall hygiene.

    • Units are fully insulated with 40 - 60 mm XPS foam (walls, floor and roof) providing a comfortable experience all year round.

    • Rooms feature adaptive ambient LED lighting creating a pleasing atmosphere and enhancing the overall experience.

    • Doors have multi colored lines of LEDs above them indicating occupancy that dims according to time of day.

  • Unrivalled performance

    • With Jets™ vacuumarator™ toilets only use 0.6 L per flush whereas traditional toilets use between 6 to 3 L per flush.

    • Due to reduced water usage, less load is put on the local water supply network resulting in a much more stable operation.

    • Utilizing vacuum removes the need for toilets to refill before flushing allowing for a greater number of visits per hour.

    • Built-in category 5 backflow protection allows units to be connected to any water source anywhere in the world.

    • The powerful vacuum pump greatly reduces risk of clogging compared to toilets that rely on gravity for transporting sewage.

  • maximum efficiency

    • Units are connected via a simple plug & play set up saving precious time. The modular design allows for greater flexibility.

    • Having all electrical installations in a central pump station provides a better overview and reduces the need for service and maintenance.

    • Units are built from lightweight materials and can be moved with a 2-ton forklift. The chassis have forklift pockets on all four sides.

    • All service points, discharge stations and/or tanker truck pickup points can be located in a dedicated area outside the festival perimeter.

    • Units are built from inorganic materials to protect against damp, mold and degradation making them easy to clean and maintain.

Ready for the future

EventCubes come with built-in sensors capable of sending and receiving data. We are currently developing software that allows you to take full advantage of this technology giving you and your team the best experience while maximizing productivity. The software will provide a complete status overview of all operating units plus post‐event reports such as user statistics, water usage and up-time which can be used as documentation for finished events and for preparation of the next. Learn more at www.futedo.com.

  • Respond faster

    Receive a notification if a unit requires inspection. For example, if a room needs cleaning or toilet paper, there's a vacuum leakage or a room has been occupied for much longer than usual.

  • Compare data

    Monitor and compare the effectiveness of different layouts from data collected by the sensors. Use real data to optimize your layout, reduce queuing and serve your customers better.

  • Better workflow

    Use our smartphone app as a checklist for your team. Get an easy overview of what units have been cleaned, when the toilet paper was last changed and if all units are locked after closing.

  • Happier guests

    "The toilet system is more important than the sound system" - Sweden Rock - A well-functioning sanitation system greatly increases guests' satisfaction and allows vendors to sell more.

The music industry

Before the internet, revenue and branding were made from selling music records. Today artists must perform live on stage. As a result, music festivals have become more popular than ever with the number of attendees and performing artists growing each year. In addition, we see a greater variety in the types of people attending events as well as a greater variety in events targeting only a specific demographic.

Along with the growing popularity the price of festivals ticket has increased as much as 100% in Europe and North America since the beginning of the new millennium (taking inflation into account). Festivals continue to flourish even during recessions. “I haven’t seen people spending this much money on live music since the late 90s,” - Tommy Goodwin, field operation manager at Eventbrite, 2018.

Higher expectations

With higher prices come higher expectations. Organizers continue to increase their amenities and services offering everything from accommodation to finer dining areas. The overall experience is just as important as the performance itself. Attendees do not want to sleep in tents, they want a warm shower, they want to look their best and they want toilets that are comfortable, hygienic and visually pleasing.

The challenge rental operators face is to be able to supply equipment for the variety of different usage scenarios that attendees with high expectations demand. It requires equipment capable of delivering a great user experience even under heavy load with enough flexibility to allow operators to tailor their setup for each specific type of event. It is with these challenges in mind that we have developed EventCubes.

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Scanvogn A/S
Hovedvejen 50
DK-9850 Hirtshals

CBR: DK 33958358
P: +45 98977200
E: info@scanvogn.dk